Monday, August 1, 2016

chocolate raspberry jam, the easiest way

I have a board on pinterest with photos of ideas. Pictures of food that I think are good ideas, but with intent to use my own inspiration for the recipe, not the actual recipes behind the photos.  Things like a smallish, high cheesecake with thick chocolate topping, pumpkin bread with streusel and maple glaze, blackberry chocolate chip ice cream, chuck roast with balsamic and dijon, and raspberry and chocolate jam. I don't think you need any particular recipe for any of those, but a picture can speak a thousand words to me.

So, I bought a jar of Bonne Maman raspberry preserves, and melted it along with half a bar of dark chocolate. Now it's in this jar, and I'm bringing it to work tomorrow with some Stella D'Oro cookies. A nice treat.


  1. Chocolate raspberry jam?! Sounds intriguing.

  2. Oh wow, that sounds delicious!

  3. how lovely!!! yum! sounds like the perfect combination!!! :)))) Thanks for your comment and question about my Cleo Cat. She is doing well, I think, but probably has some older age (She is 13, going on 14) liver issues that, from what I understand, is something that is slowly going wrong; so she does #1 more than she used to, drinks more. But she is back to 6.8 to 7 lbs and does not get sick as much (she was on antibiotics)... she was just over 5 so she always feels so heavy to me now, so that's great. Other than that, she seems happy (esp when we are home), appears comfortable and pain free. She did not like the meds for liver support and the vet did not see that stressing her out would help so we just give her lots of cat treats to help her keep her weight up. She seems happy and very much 'Cleo'!