Friday, May 27, 2016

in the blink of an eye

How fast things can change - one minute you're over here, the next over there. And you never expected it.

After making my own yogurt several times, and fully intending to continue, I find myself at a crossroads. A yogurt crossroads.

I bought some Siggi's, and it's so delicious I suddenly don't care about making my own anymore.

Over the past few years I can't tell you how many times I picked up a Siggi's, and then put it back. I can't say why; I don't know. But the week before last was different. I bought one. And as I was opening the container I said to myself why oh why did you buy this? You'll be so sorry when you taste all that sugar. 

But it didn't. Have the sugar. Well, not very much. And it was almost like there was whipped cream in it. (I actually dislike whipped cream, but when your yogurt has a whipped-like consistency, it's pretty nice.) So the next week I bought every flavor the store had. Maybe ten? Gone in three days. At a dollar seventy-nine apiece, that could be an expensive habit. And to think that a month ago I was pleased to be making my own for half the price of my (then) favorite brand. But even when you are trying to be careful and responsible with your food dollars, there are some things which are just worth it.

I may make yogurt again; I would like to try to replicate Siggi's. But things have changed.