Thursday, January 28, 2016

fixing a jumper

I bought this denim jumper on ebay very cheaply. But it was way too long. With so much embroidery, I found a space where I could cut across and not cut through any of the design. But when I put it on, it was shorter than I liked.

The dress has side slits, so I had a front piece which had embroidery all over it, and a back piece which was plain. I decided to use the plain back piece and I cut across it horizontally; then I had to do some figuring. If I did the expected thing and made a seam across that edge to attach it, some of the embroidered design would be taken into that seam and spoil the look. I placed the piece underneath the bottom edge instead and pinned it. I don't have anything against frayed edges in some situations and I decided this was preferable. So, I just zigzagged it securely and also the hem edge.

The back was a little different, because I used the lower part of that same piece - but it was wider because of the a-line shape. So I cut it up the middle and made a center seam for that piece (sorry, I didn't think to take a photo and I have it on now!) and then did some colorful top stitching on either side for decoration. You see, I wanted to make the piece shorter in width by taking it up in the middle because of the side slits - I didn't have to finish either edge - the sides just matched up with the slits. I don't know how clear I'm being.

Anyway, it's the perfect length and I think this fraying suits the whole jumper. It definitely suits me!


  1. Cute! I really like the embroidery. :-)

  2. How clever you are! I do like the pretty embroidery on it - I can see why you bought it!

  3. Such an ambitious project. I remember a time I worked and worked on a garment with trim, and I never was happy with the outcome. You've done amazing work!