Tuesday, November 17, 2015

artisan bulb dibber

Yesterday was so unexpectedly mild - I ran outside to finally plant my crocus bulbs in the front bed, around the rhododendron. I know I should have done it two months ago - they're the earliest-blooming - I hope they'll have enough time underground. It's been so much warmer than usual, that I didn't know if they'd start growing under there before their time. We'll see.

My brother had been going to Agway when I yelled out, Get me a bulb dibber! Do you know, they didn't have one?  He brought me back a thing which will take a chunk of dirt up - you stick it in the ground and twist - and make a place for your plantings. But it's not a bulb dibber. I had to go online, and when I saw this on etsy, that was it!  A real beauty.


  1. Very nifty tool! I have a lot of work to do in my garden still.

  2. That is a real beauty. Matt plans to make a dibbler (or maybe a dibbler board) over the winter as we currently use a section of old rake handle! It works, but.... Oh yours is quite a gem--good find. We had a similar conundrum about when to plant our garlic. We've had them start to sprout in the fall when its been unseasonably warm. That doesn't do them any favors come spring. This autumn was proving to be a long, warm one so we held off until November--late by usual standards.

    1. Oh yeah, garlic! I was going to plant some of that, too. Well, it's still November. :D

  3. I wanted to plant some garlic, but haven't yet. I have a primrose blooming in my flower bed, but yesterday it was totally underwater! That looks like a nice dibber.:-)