Thursday, October 22, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} with Leila

Today was one of those balmy October days I can't resist - so I stayed out as long as I could. I cut back the hydrangea and brought several dried blooms inside with me. Leila's mention of her brown ones made me think of it, but ours weren't entirely dried; I thought some were pretty enough to bring in.

Some are also on top of the corner cabinet in a small crock I found downstairs last week, but it's too dark up there to photograph.

I strained the raw milk yogurt from the other day. This was after four hours; it's still got that lumpy-ish quality, but I'm happy with the experience and it does seem to have a bit of tang after all.

I picked up a P. G. Wodehouse from the library which I knew would be funny. Bertie Wooster is so ridiculous. I remember a radio series on a local NPR station many years ago with Richard Briers as Bertie and Michael Hordern as Jeeves - I loved it. Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh? Anyway, I've been poking through Leila's Library Project suggestions, and recently finished Gentian Hill. It would be hard to describe that book - it was like no other, is all I can say. But now it's time to laugh with Bertie.

Because I was outside a lot today, I did not finish washing the windows as I'd intended. That's the real, but I don't have a photo of it. Everyone knows what that looks like, anyway.  :D


  1. I somehow lost track of you for a while! So glad I looked at the links on Leila's PHFR post this week :) Enjoy your new book. I too am a Bertie Wooster fan! Or are we actually fans of Jeeves? I need to reserve Gentian Hill at my library. I have loved the few E. Goudge books I've read, but haven't gotten to that one yet (and I must have missed Leila's post about it).

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Colleen! It's been a while, hasn't it? Yes, it may be Jeeves we're fans of, or perhaps the combination of the two!

  2. Our hydrangea never did bloom this season! I was so disappointed! It may not be completely happy with its location. I think you are brave to try making yogurt!