Monday, August 24, 2015

Pinterest dinner

I made two Pinterest recipes for today's dinner. Chicken with Lemon, which was delicious, although I used "thin cut" but thicker-than-they-called-for chicken breasts, and not the tenders I was planning to buy; so I just cooked them a little longer - very lemony and good!

And I made zucchini cakes. The recipe called for a large zucchini - well, what is that, exactly? I had three small-to-medium ones, and an end of another. I grated the lot. After mixing everything together I could see it wouldn't hold, so I ended up adding two more eggs - perfect!

the recipe:

grate a large zucchini - i.e., whatever that means to you!
squeeze the liquid out of it, and mix it up with -
1 egg, a cup of panko (I used regular bread crumbs), a half cup of grated Parmesan (mine was more like shredded), one quarter teaspoon of paprika and one eighth teaspoon of nutmeg, a few shakes of pepper and half a teaspoon of salt.

When you mix it up, you'll probably see it needs something to keep it together, so add an egg or maybe two - you'll know when it's right.

Brown on medium heat four minutes per side, in some olive oil. Good hot, cold or in between.


  1. These are one of my favorites, you can add a little flour to help bind them and they are delicious when eaten with some tatziki to dip them in.

  2. An extra egg will do the trick! Both the chicken and the zucchini cakes sound delicious! Were there any leftovers?:-)

    1. There was just enough leftover for our suppers two days later, which was my hope!