Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pinterest recipes: peanut butter munchies

I meant to make these last week to bring to the library, but after mixing the dough, I couldn't find time to finish. So I did it yesterday, and was glad everything was chilled, because it was much easier to work with.

I didn't take a picture, because the ones you see here with the recipe look much better than mine did. You see, I forgot the last step - to press them down with the sugared glass - you know. But everyone at work was quite enthusiastic. So, I would say "Try them! You'll like them."


  1. wow! looks very yummy! I would of loved to see a picture of yours but that's how it goes :)

  2. Some recipes respond very well to being left to stand for 24 hours anyway - it improves most foods.

    1. You mean, after they're made? They are almost gone, Phil. :D

  3. LOL! Looks good to me!