Saturday, January 3, 2015

our town

My boss gave us these ornaments for Christmas - the scene is on the green, in the center of town!  The women's club was selling them.

One thing more about the blossoming cactus. I nearly forgot to mention that this plant just appeared outside the staff entrance, under the book drop on a very freezing cold morning, maybe three years ago. It wasn't there when I came in, but later Gail went out for something and said, "Somebody left a Christmas cactus outside near the drop!"  It didn't look too good, but it (obviously) came around.

Yes, people leave us all kinds of things here.


  1. that's a really lovely ornament!!! and that's neat about the Christmas cactus! :)

  2. Well, "third time's the charm," hopefully. The ornament is lovely! I wouldn't mind having one of those, and it's not my hometown.:-) Our Christmas cacti didn't blossom this season. Often they will bloom earlier, but that didn't happen either. It's nice that good things are left by the book box.:-) xo