Saturday, December 6, 2014

an experiment

We have many plants at the library, and it's one of my jobs to water them. Thinking lately that I could do a little more by them, I started with a peace lily which sits on a counter near the main desk. It seems content enough in its pot, but the pot itself is a little dull.

So, I knitted a cozy for it in a plain stockinette, but the instructions I followed for keeping the edges from curling didn't work. I suppose I could use it like that, but I was wishing it wasn't quite so curled up. While pondering what to do, I came across some sashiko stitching on pinterest which was used to reinforce a weak fabric, and wondered if I could use some kind of stitching to sort of shore up those edges.

I just picked the first stitch in the embroidery book and began. So far, even though I've got to get my stitches more uniform, it is working!  We'll see how things turn out.


  1. Fingers crossed that your stitching works.
    We have had the first decent rain in nearly a year, 3 inches over the past 2 days, so all of my pot plants are out in the rain under the shelter of the big Jacaranda tree, getting a good drink and a shower to boot, I am sure the growth will now go crazy, as there is nothing like fresh rain water to make a plant healthy and put on some new growth/
    Over the past 3 weeks we have had lots of hot days and a few days over 30 c, so everything outside was suffering, double whammy of no rain for months and then baking hot days.Lawn mowing on the agenda this morning while it is still cool/

    1. Well, I'm very thrilled for you, Margaret - so long to go without a good rain! (I had to look up an image of a jacaranda - beautiful!)

  2. Hope your stitching works ~ it adds a little Christmas color. :-)

  3. lovely! do show us the results when it is done! :)

  4. That is a charming idea. I bet our library plants would like that, too. I always have to have a "point" to my crafting. I don't just knit scarves or hats I don't need just to knit. So, neat, a new practical project that would allow me to practice up my knitting. I am only a budding knitter.