Friday, July 25, 2014

gone, but not forgotten

At Agway they had so many plants on sale as gardening season was moving along, and I couldn't resist buying a few strawberry plants. And a pot to put them in. What I didn't expect was a few blooms, and the possibility of a strawberry or two.  How exciting!

I was pretty sure that today was the day this little fellow would be ready to pick. Apparently, I was correct. Because, when I went out today to water, that little fellow was gone. Disappeared, without a trace.

ahhh.   I hope whoever it was, well - I hope they really enjoyed it.


  1. I adore the strawberry pot. Sorry you did not get your strawberry. We had strawberries to grow up pretty three times and each time as I was about to go pick a deer took them down to the dirt!

  2. So sorry....a squirrel or a bird maybe....turtles use to get mine!