Saturday, November 16, 2013

too many recipes

is that possible? How many recipes does one need?

My purging of unwanted items has not extended to the recipes: the box which should only contain the keepers, a ziploc bag positively stuffed with umpteen torn-out pages, a few cookbooks and two or three years worth of Everyday Food magazine given to me by Beth, who would rather copy the ones she likes than accumulate whole magazines (such a smart girl).

Not to mention that at work we're getting new cookbooks in daily.

 like this delight which came in yesterday!

It has occurred to me more than once that if I just threw the whole thing out I would breathe a sigh of relief and be able to (gradually, I hope) begin anew; this is very tempting.  But that seems a bit extreme. I know I'd especially regret the ones I tore out of old Gourmets - they aren't around anymore. 

The whole idea of cooking is that if you do it long enough, you won't need a recipe - you'll just know what to do without one. But you need to practice, practice, practice. So, I guess I'll keep them and just try to go through 'em faster.


  1. I'm always collecting new recipes too Lisa but I have found that mostly I only make most of them once. How can we resist when those pictures are just so tempting?

  2. I love my recipes and could never throw them out! I know what you mean, but still...I couldn't, I would be admitting that I can't bake/mix/prepare all of them at some point in time!

  3. You have more people to cook for than I do! :)

  4. Some of my cookbooks I could probably purge but most I would keep; I remember reading in Aunt Liela's blog (like mother like daughters) of her regret of throwing out her old Gourmets ...

    1. Oh, that magazine was terrific. I still miss it.