Friday, September 6, 2013

thrifted compote glasses

In the parking lot at the library there's a drop-off bin for clothing and shoes. After closing today, we noticed that someone had left a box of breakables next to the bin, and lo and behold! Some of us found treasure therein - things which would have unfortunately been thrown out, because the bin is only for clothes.

Five compote glasses which match some favorite stemware we've had for many years - this is a real treat! Who doesn't like their ice cream in a footed bowl?

Oh, I'll take good care of these.


  1. Ohh lucky you! What a delightful treasure!!

  2. What a treasure! I just found an entire set of glass ware like that at an estate sale, and it now is living in my cabinets and being used regularly!

  3. Oh! What a find, Lisa! You will really enjoy these!

  4. We had such fun that night, leaving work! We all went home with goodies and lots of laughs =) BTW, I got some very sweet balloons today! J is so very nice to remember my special day.