Friday, June 28, 2013

Henry nonplussed

There's an oscillating fan on a table in the living room; the face of it is metal. The other day this is what I saw -

and there was Henry doing what he often does, looking up - (to his credit, he is often seen looking up!).

He saw something. Then he scrambled under the table

and back and forth, back and forth. Well, after a bit I figured it out - he was watching the light reflecting from the fan turning.

He couldn't figure it out, of course. So, he did what cats often do.

Took a nap.


  1. Cats! We had one who kept trying to hunt screws in the oven's side, jumping at them - maybe because they were shiny?

  2. I do love Henry (but not as much as Dolly *sorry*)

    1. No need to apologize - I also love Dolly extremely! She is first in our hearts.

  3. Our kitty loves to chase reflections on the wall. : ) Henry is gorgeous! I love his peanut butter and Fluff coat. <3