Tuesday, June 4, 2013


My mother always loved her, and called her "Heidi", but I've kept her in the cupboard for some reason, until now. I was cleaning the living room yesterday and changing out the knick knacks for something different and more summery, and there she was. I put her on top of the secretary.

She's a Hedi Schoop design, and I thought to look it up online. Looks like this woman made lots of figurines, but I didn't see this one. You can put things in her baskets if you want.

Isn't she sweet?


  1. She is sweet, that is exactly how my daughter poses when I ask her to smile for a picture!

  2. I like the yellow and white; it's slightly similar to a costume from a Czech fairytale film that I've had a bit of a mind to recreate one day, and it looks good against the backdrop. :-)