Thursday, June 20, 2013

eight new patterns

I've been finding very few tops or blouses I like. Often it's the fabric - the jerseys used are thin and cheap feeling even in the higher end places, which must be due to the upsurge in cotton prices. Another thing is the spandex in everything - I've told myself over and over that I'll get used to it, but when it comes in the mail, and I take it out of the package I can't stand that rubbery feeling. Back it goes.

So I bought eight patterns - all for tops - in a recent McCall's sale. I much prefer making skirts, of course, but one must progress.


  1. Eight new patterns--that's lots of summer sewing fun!

    I have a hard time finding tops I like, too, but my sewing skills are stuck at the beginner level. : )

  2. I can't wait to see the tops, I know what you mean about the change in quality of the tops lately - I'm glad it isn't just me feeling a little dissatisfied!

  3. I'm also disliking the thin cotton and the spandex - not so much the feeling (I guess I was lucky with less rubbery ones), but the fact that after some time, they inevitably stretch awkwardly, unevenly. I don't know why, but they do.
    And I'm finding recently that I much prefer wovens, especially in summer.

    So I can very much relate to your wish to sew your own! Good luck!

  4. As long as I wouldn't have to worry about making button holes, I'd be all right. Even with the zigzag feature on my aged machine (1970), that is one skill I've never been able to handle well.