Thursday, April 11, 2013

new chair pads

Ah, finally - how dilapidated the old ones were. I've done two so far, each a little different. And with more ideas on how to improve the next one.  


  1. What did you stuff them with?
    And aww, I love ginghamy checks. It's a very kitchen-y pattern for me, and unfortunately the other responsible persons in this household do not share my love for it. It's large checks here instead. :D

    1. Hana, I am using four layers of batting. Online, all I could find when I searched for chair pad tutorials were for the foam-filled, but I was/am determined to use batting.

      The checks are more of a medium size - I do have some fabric with small checks, and I may end up using that, too.

    2. We have two bought ones that are more of a pillow with poly filling... I was thinking of making more chair pads and wondering what to use, as poly filling is not readily available to me right now. Thanks! If you perfect your technique, would you be very adverse to making some sort of tutorial? Please?
      (Not that I can't figure things out on my own. It's rather that I think perhaps more people would find it useful.)

    3. Certainly, Hana! Hopefully, I will improve the method, but even if I don't, I suppose I could still share what I'm doing.

  2. I like them, and need to make some myself. Oil cloth (that I like) is just so expensive and with my family, it is the only way to go!