Saturday, April 27, 2013

Henry takes a drink

Here we have Henry taking a drink of water.

 He dips in a paw

then licks.

Apparently some cats do this if they don't feel confident about where the water level is.

Silly, but it reminds me of the story of Gideon! 

"The Lord said to Gideon: They that shall lap the water with their tongues, as dogs are wont to lap, thou shalt set apart by themselves; but they that shall drink bowing down their knees, shall be on the other side. And the number of them that had lapped water, casting it with the hand to their mouth, was three hundred men. And all the rest of the multitude had drunk kneeling. And the Lord said to Gideon: By the three hundred men, that lapped water, I will save you, and deliver Midian into thy hand..."

                                    Judges 7: 5-7


  1. Henry is quite noble isn't he?

  2. Kathy, maybe I've been selling Henry short - it seems he's acquainted with the Old Testament. :D