Sunday, October 7, 2012

it's all in the details

 My friend Debra doesn't have much money, but I am always edified when I visit her home.

My camera and I were there yesterday - she wanted me to see her prolific morning glory vine, which suddenly came to life September first and has been increasing daily. Of course, yesterday had to be the day it decided to take a little rest.

But she tells me that today there were twenty seven blooms!

She dug up all the tired old foundation shrubs and put in all sorts of things - a coleus among them; it's so funny to see a coleus in somebody's front flower bed.  She has a sweet potato vine which has turned left to curve all the way across the breezeway entrance

where she also has flowers growing out of her son's old boot.

She works full time now, and has a hard time getting the house cleaned. But I think her time is better spent.

The little touches inside and out, make this the most homey place I can think of. 

Here are a couple of stands of dried up black-eyed susans. She tied them round and they provide architectural interest, not to mention the halloween-y look next to the golden mums.

Debra has learned, like St. Paul, to find contentment in her situation.

And it's all charming.


  1. Your friend Debra has such a lovely place. And what a sweet reminder of contentment that you've shared:)

  2. Very pretty, Miss Debra! Thanks for sharing these photos, Lisa.