Friday, February 24, 2012

something on the floor, and something on the ground

I was cleaning the hall closet the other day - there's been a little latex-backed rug in there for ages, and it was getting crumbly - I threw it out. But I wanted something on the floor - what with the vacuum and ironing board, it could get scratched, so I made up a floor cloth with some red checked duck from the stash. It was easy and quick, and I like the way it looks.

I had to use a flash in this dark space.

 I looked out the window during the night to see a whitish looking sky - I thought it must be fog. When I got up this morning, I saw this -


 White stuff all on the ground!  It's gone now. But, what was it???? (it was pretty, though)  :D

It's really Lent.

Joining Leila again this week for {pretty, happy, funny, real}.

round button chicken


  1. i'm so glad that white stuff is gone....

  2. I love the floorcloth! Such a fantastic idea.

  3. Lent. Thanks for the English word, I keep forgetting it!

    1. I think in Polish it's Wielki Post. Is that similar to your language?

    2. It's called simply půst. Which is the same word as fast(ing) - I never heard that it would be in any way differentiated in the language, it comes from the context. Maybe just written with capital P if someone really wanted to, I suppose.

  4. I like your floor cloth--it's always a good feeling to make good use of what we have on hand. We have some of that funny white stuff outside today, too. And it is so strange to see it now, after a completely snowless winter--especially now that it's Lent, which means "spring".

    1. Yes, but it won't last long, I shouldn't think.
      And, now that it's here, surprisingly, I feel quite comfortable with it - as if it's been around all winter. I guess I'm a true New Englander!