Thursday, December 15, 2011

fuzzy and furry

Getting depth of field with my point-and-shoots has been a challenge, but I've acquired another camera which is doing it for me

I'm {happy}

(actually, this is pretty much what it looks like to me before I've put in my contacts - or maybe even blurrier)

The cats are enjoying being under the tree, but the white fur!  This red cloth isn't going to work anymore.
I'll have to dig around in my stash to find something else.  Light in color. Very light.

a {real} lot of fur going on, believe me!

round button chicken

Thanks again, Leila - your blog is a real blessing.


  1. Great job on the perspective! I've been trying to master a few camera skills myself but I can only get so far with a compact digital camera ;) And we have the same problem with our VERY furry white dog! Maybe some white batting as a snow-like 'skirt' could work...

  2. That's a thought - I found a pale yellow and white gingham which looks good in the living room, so I'm going to use that - Dolly is sleeping on it as I speak.

  3. My whitish cat "Willow" loves laying on our red velvet tree skirt. What if we tried pretending that all the white fur is snow? Hehehee :-)

    Our eyes work completely opposite. Everything up close is blurry for me (until I put my reading glasses on), but what lies in the background is crystal clear.

    I'm hoping for a new camera for Christmas. I just want something with a faster processing speed. My current camera is a digital dinosaur.

  4. Snow! There's a thought.
    As for the eyesight - I'm like you *after* I put in my contacts - I keep reading glasses around my neck all day long.

  5. I like the bokeh in the first picture. Nice! Glad you're enjoying that new camera...remember to bring it in, please!