Sunday, December 18, 2011


The Expectation
  by Richard Lawson Gales

"Over the apple trees with their red load
In world's-end orchards, over dark yew woods,
O'er fires of sunset glassed in wizard streams,

O'er mill and meadow of those farthest lands, 
Over the reapers, over the sere sails
Of homing ships and every breaking wave,
Over the haven and the entranced town,
O'er hearths aflame with fir-trunks and fir-cones, 
Over the children playing in the streets, 
Over the harpers harping on the bridge,
O'er the lovers in their dream and their desire,
There falls from the high heaven a subtle sense
Of presage and a deep, expectant hush,

And the wise watchers know the time draws on
And that amid the snows of that same year
The earth will bear her longed-for perfect Fruit."



  1. God, I love poetry. It just makes me stop, and think about what's being said, and not rush, which in turn makes me slow down and's a wonderful thing.

    Those pictures are so beautiful, especially the cat! :-)

    My next project is your fingerless mitts. Wish me well! (I don't think I'll get them done in time, but that's OK).

  2. Yes, you are right about poetry - still, I've never been very into it. But every now and then, something like this grabs me.
    Good luck with the mitts! Seems to me you're doing a lot!

  3. I loved the photos in this post--especially the last one of the cat in the window peeking out from behind that gorgeous red and white curtain.

    I love how this poem captures the full spirit of this season of watching and waiting.

  4. I thought she qualified as a 'wise watcher' in this photo.