Saturday, September 24, 2011

strange bedfellows

or maybe I should be saying bag-fellows.

This bag I'm crocheting is using some of every color of worsted weight yarn I have, and it's a motley array.
Pea green and hunter, cranberry and a purply fuschia, three shades of colonial blues, oatmeal, burnt orange-ish, brown and chestnut, which is a heathered brown with a reddish cast. And bright red.  It isn't pretty.

I can see that an all red, blue and white one would be very nice. But I'm forcing myself to use them all. I don't have much of the oatmeal or red, and I hope I don't run out of something which will cause it to look even less appealing.  I went online today and ordered some sale yarns from Jimmy Beans Wool, just in case. Have you ever ordered from them? This evening they already emailed me to say it was shipped!  Their stuff comes fast. I should probably stop crocheting and wait for it to arrive.

It's kind of addictive, though.


  1. I don't know whay but the photo isn't loading for me so I can't see if your crochet is pretty or not!

    It sounds lovely though. Wish I could crochet :(

    Did you ever try the super easy blanket listed on your sidebar Lisa? I looked at the pattern and it seems simple (something that I could do - maybe)!!!

    Hope you have a good Sunday and get lots of your lovely bag done.

    Ps. never heard of Jimmy Bean wools here in Ireland but the shipping sounds really efficient.


  2. Ooops Lisa, I can see it now and it is lovely.

    Well done you!

  3. Fiona, I haven't made that blanket - that list consists of things which appeal to me - but I may never get to them!! Pipedreaming, LOL!
    But, if you can garter stitch, you can do it, I imagine. Here is another which also looks very easy, and I love it -

    you knit 10" squares in two coordinating colors, and whipstitch them together in a contrasting color - I love the way it looks! Of course, you can use as many colors as you want, but I like the whipstitching - it makes it look homemade in an appealing sort of way.

  4. Thanks a mil Lisa,
    I will have a look at the pattern.

    x Fiona

  5. I must disagree with you - the colors are SO appealing to me! Not predictable - mostly warm with that nice green thrown in there. I really like it. I keep hearing how addictive crochet is - I really must try it. I knit, mostly.

  6. Thank you, Margo! I will say this about crochet - it's simpler than knitting. You can't drop a stitch, which is really a big thing!! On the other hand, knitting is more versatile, it's usually nice and soft, while crochet tends to be stiffer, ususally. And the instructions are what makes it comfusing to most people, not the actual stitches.

    But, try it!

  7. I like all the different colors in it.

  8. I wish I had the ability to not be concern about perfection when crocheting. If I could just chill out I could probably get a project completed! (Cough!) I mean start something and not abandon it.

    I think it is a fun looking project!

  9. I love all the colors together! Very nice =]