Tuesday, September 13, 2011

learning something about machine quilting

A couple of years ago I bought this quilt top on ebay for five dollars.  I finally started machine quilting it - here and there when I find the time - it's a real education.   It isn't put together very evenly, which is causing a bit of trouble, but it's a good piece to learn something on.  I bought cheap batting, and the backing fabric was in my stash forever, so it's costing me very little.

We'll see how it comes out.   I think it'll make a nice picnic blanket.


  1. $5 is a definite bargain. I'm a novice machine quilter too. There always seems to be too much fabric in the way for me. But persverence and practice is probably the answer.
    I think it will make a very pretty picnic rug.

  2. Brilliant bargain.

    It will look great.

    Wish I was crafty :(

    Have a good week.

  3. Even if you toss it in the car for an in case blanket, the colors are so pretty.

  4. i love the colors. very pretty. bring it in when it's finished, please =]