Sunday, July 24, 2011

on the island: the chapel

Returning to our outing last Sunday -

After the park we headed over to a small island about a half hour away. Found a perfect spot under a tree, and had our picnic. I took so many photos of that beautiful place, that I'm having to make three posts about it - the plant life, the views, and the chapel.

And since today's Sunday, I'll start with the chapel, and other religious-type things, because this island is mainly a retreat center, although they don't chase picnickers away.

This is as close as my camera could get of this gull - he was so pretty

St. Edmund of Canterbury is the patron of the place

St. Richard of Chichester is also there - I'm not sure why.

very pretty stations of the cross - see the squirrels and birds around the edges

an unusual Madonna statue

Jesus preaching from the boat

See the rooster, and the rising sun?  It's St. Peter. He was crucified upside down, feeling himself unworthy to be crucified the same way as the Lord.

prayer of St. Edmund of Canterbury

There was another chapel there, too -

but when we went around the back, it was open. Just a place for people to put their petitions, rather than a real church. Very touching.

The chapel itself was small, but beautiful. There was much blue in the stained glass, and several windows had an ocean, or boat theme.

More later!


  1. OH, how beautiful. You couldn't help but feel enriched by a visit there.

  2. Yes, it was peaceful to be in that atmosphere of quiet, with the ocean all around. I wouldn't mind staying there for a few days.

  3. What an amazing place! I love glass-stained windows and the one with Jesus here is so beautiful!
    By the way, you've won my giveaway, Lisa. Congrats! I'll look a bit around here for inspiration and see what I can come up with for you.

  4. We used to travel to Vermont fairly often so that my husband could provide relief to a plant operator there (same company, different locations). We always traveled to St. Anne's Shrine which we loved - these pictures remind me of the unique beauty of that place as well.

  5. Interesting you should mention St. Anne today, since it's her day!

  6. Whats even more interesting is that the parish we were married in built a new Sanctuary. They decided to name it St. Anne's. All these years we'd traveled to her shrine and then to move home and find St. Mary's is now a chapel and the church is newly St. Anne's. It just felt like it was right, and not lost on us at all.