Thursday, July 21, 2011

inside the mansion

Back to our trip to the park on Sunday -  there was a tour just beginning inside the mansion when we got there.

There were many {pretty} things inside -

this wall sconce really appealed to me

you could see wisteria out the window here

the floor is teak!

and there's a sunroom with flowers of many kinds painted on the ceiling

is this Old Country Roses?  I have a few pieces of that!

Upstairs were the living quarters, with the owners' bedrooms as one might expect, but I saw this quilt on a servant's bed

it could use a touch of Biz, but otherwise, very {pretty}

The best thing about the upstairs was definitely the view, this one being the nicest I saw -

It was such a perfectly beautiful day weatherwise - we were quite {happy}

There was one {funny} thing

carved under a stone bench outside near the shore. I wish I knew the rest of that story! We didn't see it until after our tour.

We went picnicking somewhere else afterward, which I'll show in another post, and I'd been concerned about the predicted heat and humidity.  But there was an ocean breeze which made it very pleasant -

the {real}ity hit us when we got out of the car back home - it wasn't nearly as nice here. What a difference!

round button chicken

with thanks to Leila and Rosie


  1. I thought that last was a gravestone at first! Here in Key West we have loads of funny gravestones like that. My favorite - I Told You I Was Sick. :)

  2. How lovely! And yes, I wish you knew the story of the bench, too! I bet it's incredibly romantic.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a day!

    I really like you Lisa~ you called me sensible! ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. that's a neat way to do a post! mmmm - you make me want to visit a mansion again. such loveliness.

  5. i love the tin ceiling...and the "marry me" bench...and the view. great post and great pics!

  6. The flowers on the walls are so pretty! And I'm curious about that bench too . . .

  7. It sounds like a lovely day. WHat a beautiful quilt too. It would brighten the dreariest of servant's rooms:)

  8. I can finally leave you a comment! Blogger just wouldn't 'see' me but a fellow blogger told me a trick, so here I am.
    This looks like a place I would definitely enjoy visiting! Thanks for the tour!

  9. Yiota, I'm not surprised! Blogger has had so many issues for the last couple of months. There's one computer at work where, if I get there early and want to comment on someone's blog, I'm unable to do so - it keeps asking me to log in, over and over. Glad you got through!

  10. The ceilings are my favorite (well, and the view; hard to pass up a good open view). :) Where was this mansion? I wonder if there are ways other than a tour to find out the bench's story? (It makes me want to write the scene, at least in my own head, and sigh with happiness.)
    Thanks for sharing on {phfr}!