Tuesday, January 4, 2011

peanut butter blossoms

My brother is a hairdresser, and at this time of year he comes home every day with homemade goodies - consequently, I have no need to be baking. I miss it, but it's really a blessing - we have loads of delicious things for dessert, and I can be doing something else. Then, when the pre-holiday madness is over and our dessert supply is dwindling, I can take the time to make Christmas cookies and not be rushed about it!

We still have plenty of coffee cake, fruit-type cake and candy left, but today I really felt like baking, so

I did!

I rolled these in a deep yellow sanding sugar - I have a lot of kisses left

I think I'll have to make some more!      


  1. they look perfect...i've never used sanding sugar...i think i'll have to!

  2. Yes, get some (if you can find it).