Tuesday, October 19, 2010

to knit, or not to knit?

I've been get quite an urge lately to do a bit of knitting, now that we're into cooler weather. I have so many things to do which seem more pressing, so I'll probably resist - knitting is nice, but sewing gives a quicker satisfaction. Even though we have a long cold season ahead with plenty of time for knitting, I think I should stick to my resolve to not let myself get sidetracked. Having an urge doesn't necessarily mean I should give in to it!


  1. While reading this I had to promise myself to not be a pusher, just because I've become so addicted to it recently!
    Actually, I've got some sewing projects stacking up that I hope to begin tackling next wekk, your post is a good encouragment!

  2. Now, I don't wish to discourage you from any knitting you may be planning! :)