Monday, May 21, 2018

adjusting a new bed skirt

I got another bedskirt on ebay. It's certainly easier if you can find a used one - easier than making it, I mean. But I still had to alter it, because it was for a regular twin bed, and mine is a daybed.

This one is soft cotton, like bleached muslin, with a row of faggotting, not ruffled but with a pleat here and there. But, like any bedskirt it has two long sides and one short. On my bed I need one long side, and two short. I cut off the long side which would be along the back of my daybed and cut it down to attach part of it to the short side which is "bare". I make quick work of it, not bothering to strive for perfection. But now I'm glad to have two, so when one needs washing the bed isn't unmade half the day until it's dry.


  1. Bed skirt? Is that what Mrs B would call a 'valence'? All a bit technical for me. Day bed? You have another one for nights? These are possibly interesting differences between American-British-English - or examples of my own blissful ignorance!

  2. This all sounds very clever! :) The nearest I ever got to making anything like this was hemming cot sheets before my elder daughter was born! I always try (if I can) to get at least two sets of bed clothes for each bed then I can take my time washing, ironing and airing them.

  3. What a lovely bedskirt! I like its simplicity and the faggoting detail. And, I admire your resourcefulness! I love daybeds and have one in my "study". The bed is dressed up like a sofa with decorative pillows, and it is one of the most well-used pieces of furniture in my house (my son is napping on it right now. :) I wanted a daybed because I don't have a guest bedroom, but we often have overnight guests. It looks great with the other furniture in the room: floor to ceiling bookcases, desk, piano, etc.