Wednesday, June 21, 2017

a visit from Yogi and a new bedskirt

I desperately needed a decent dust ruffle, and I found a used one on ebay. A Laura Ashley, supposedly one hundred percent cotton.

The tag clearly says half cotton and half poly. Anyway, I adjusted it for my daybed and it looks nice.

Dolly and I sat out again today for an hour. About halfway into it, a catbird started fussing up above us; I could see him clearly as he chucked at us, and just when he began his meowing, which sounded exactly like this,  (I guess it isn't really meowing, but does seem like a cat-ish noise.) I turned and there was Yogi right next to me. So the little catbird wasn't concerned about Dolly's presence, but he took a different view of Yogi.

He let me pet him! I offered him some of Dolly's food and water (he sniffed and then declined), and he stayed nearby for a little while. Oh, why didn't I think to bring the camera out? He is a beautiful cat.


  1. There is a loely little cat I walk past everyday and she has gotten to know me now, runs out and lets me pick her up and pet her. I also need to take my camera to get a photo. Maybe one day I will steal her... :)) xx

  2. You didn't say how Dolly reacted to Yogi so I assume they are okay together.

    1. Well, I was concerned about it, Clare. He goes all over the place, and a few days ago he came along when I was out with her, and she swiped and hissed at him! But this time she was fine. (cats are impossible to understand...)

    2. They are completely unaccountable!