Thursday, February 9, 2017

gobs of it

There was a robin in the front tree two days ago. One always thinks of spring when they show up, but it's only early February, and the Audubon Society says there are some who stay up here all winter. But we will still always think of spring when we see a robin.

Yesterday it was sixty degrees while I was in the library. Not when I went to work, or when I left, but in between.  Or that's what they all told me.


At three o'clock, and seventeen inches. (Is this the kind of winter you dream of, Lynda?)  ;-)  It's about nineteen by now, and drifting.  Actually, this kind of weather is far more likely here than 60 degrees in February. It's just that it's been quite a mild winter until now. 

a close-up for you

But I think that's it for the mildness. There was actually thunder and lightning with this storm.


  1. What strange weather you've had this winter! 60 degrees one day then all that snow the next! I don't ever recall having thunder and lightening with snow until just recently. Is it still snowing?

  2. It stopped late afternoon, Clare. It was very intense, with a couple of inches falling per hour!

  3. Yes...winter whiteness!! We have summer greyness here today...grey skies and misty rain...almost as good as snow :).

    But the rest of the country/mainland is sweltering in unprecedented heat.

    I'm glad I live in Tassie!! xx

    1. Yes, winter whiteness, but not quite so much. :D

  4. that's a lot of snow!!! :) stay safe in it!! love seeing the Robin!!!

  5. Wow. That is a lot of snow. We got another batch last week, but it is all melting off well now. I actually was able to cycle to work the last two days without risking life and limb on ice!

    And Robins always make me think of spring!