Monday, August 29, 2016

my mother's recipes

I went through my mother's recipe boxes today. I don't know why I never thought to before - she's been gone eight years.

Some were definitely familiar, others not, and I suppose many were just ones she'd collected but never made, and none of them were entirely her own creations. She was a very good cook, but I think she went on inspiration as she was cooking, but didn't record any of that.

So I saved about one quarter of them. Cooking was such a different prospect back then, with so much cheesy casserole-y stuff, so much Campbell's soup in the recipe, etc. I don't cook like that very often. I didn't save anything which we won't be eating, but I found plenty of interest.


  1. Hi, Lisa! Cooking has really changed through the years! I do very little with the cream of....soups anymore, though there are a couple of recipes I still really enjoy. It is such a treasure to have recipes written in your mother's hand. - xo Nellie

  2. that's so nice! I don't use the Campbells soup either, but I do use cream and make from scratch what they would of used; my husband loves cream of chicken casserole with rice; I am thinking of making this for him on Thursday; but with real cream...and basmati rice! :)

  3. It's both a treasure and a trial to go through things like this - little bits of people's lives. I should sort more out. I don't think I've ever cooked using tinned soup - sounds good, though! I bet it's good in a risotto!

  4. It is lovely you can use some of her recipes--though I know what you mean about those good cooks who work on inspiration. That excellence doesn't get jotted down much. I bet it was a nostalgic and interesting process sorting through them. Interesting about the changes in our recipe styles. My mom used a lot of soups in her gravy, casserole, etc. I never do either.