Sunday, March 13, 2016

blooming, and other things

I planted crocuses for the first time in the fall. And they came up!

Why have I never bothered with them before? They're wonderful - such charming little things.

It's been spring-like almost all month - very un-Marchlike. And more things are ready to bloom.

Last year the daffodils were blooming on April 16th.

On Thursday, my freezer bag of vegetable scraps was full, so I made stock. I am ever grateful to Leila for suggesting this - it never occurred to me before!

I used some today for a thin sauce over rice, and yesterday in the mac and cheese.  It'll soon be time to use the scraps for compost, but now I feel torn between both uses for them. I do like to make compost, though.

My current issue of British Country Living gave me big surprise yesterday; I was looking at an article about storage and organizing,

when I saw someone familiar on the page -

the Blessed Mother!  

I can hardly believe it.


  1. I love crocuses too, Lisa. They look wonderful spreading through grass though I grow a few in pots as well. I find the birds rip the bright yellow ones to shreds which is a pity. I have no idea why they do it.

    1. The birds shred the yellow ones??? I hope it's only English birds who do it. :D But I'll let you know if that happens here. :)

    2. Well, they're gone now - I assume they've gone by; I see no shreds. :) I'm relieved. Do you know which birds do it?

  2. I loved this post.♥ Today, I saw the first daffodils blooming on the south side of my neighbor's house. :) Every year I tell myself that I am going to plant bulbs in the fall, but I never do. Maybe this year! I think it's really something that you spotted a picture of the Blessed Mother in British Country Living! I wonder if I would have noticed it?

    1. Susan, I pay a lot of money for this magazine to come all the way here, so I. look. at. everything. Still, have you ever seen her in any home decor book or magazine? This isn't someone's house, it's what they set up.