Wednesday, January 27, 2016

cake success on National Chocolate Cake Day

Well, I cannot begin to tell you how well received this cake was today. Debi wanted the recipe. She also had the great idea that we should not only have a piece when it was cold (the layers were frozen when I put the frosting in between, the way I always prefer to frost a cake; and then I thawed it for an hour before we cut into it), but we should also try it at room temperature - to compare. Yeah, Deb! Katie, who's a vanilla girl, loved it. Laurie must have thanked me at least six times for bringing it in.

It was definitely less sweet than your average, and the wine flavor was very interesting. Trisha apparently didn't know about it, but guessed something fruity - raisins?, she said. Pretty good guess, I thought.  The filling I made - frosting to which I'd added some Greek plain whole milk yogurt - was wonderful with it. The whole thing was kind of fudgy. It was a very adult dessert.

I have moved it in Pinterest from my "Recipes to Try" board, to my "Favorite Recipes" board.

*and in case anyone is wondering, the wine was Bearboat pinot noir 2008.


  1. Well, there you go!! What a fun post. It's always such a great feeling to find a recipe that turns out to be a keeper.

  2. I am so glad it was a success. I think I really must try it!
    I am also having no trouble commenting on your blog now and I've no idea why that is as I'm doing nothing differently. I'm not complaining though!