Monday, October 12, 2015

perfect holiday

Today was the most perfect of days, and our most brilliant tree in the back yard is definitely brilliant.

And for Columbus Day supper, Neapolitan Zucchini Soup, tomato and genoa salami sandwiches and neapolitan Klondike bars. Because Columbus was from Genoa and we from Naples (or it's environs). After a migraine the other day, it was all I could manage. But still fun! (the main thing)


  1. Stop in from down to earth. Sure is a pretty colors this fall.
    Coffee i onj

  2. I just posted a comment, and who knows where it is. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear you deal with migraines--they run in the family for me but none for me yet. Good on YOU for getting a dinner together during one. :)

    Beautiful fall color too.

    1. Oh, Val - I had the migraine on Saturday morning, and it was way gone by Monday, but... they leave their mark on you for a couple of days - the nausea left my stomach rather sensitive. So, this light soup was just the thing, and I knew I could handle the salami. And the ice cream. :) But, thank you.

      I hope you never get one. Exedrin has been a wonderful thing for me, but I don't know what happened Saturday. Well, actually no - I wasn't eating right; I wasn't keeping a good balance. So, that's what happens.

    2. Ah! Well, now you know for next time, at least. Lisa, always searching for a balance. ;)

    3. Searching - not necessarily finding. :) Life's a journey.

  3. Oh, how clever! I never thought of preparing a special Columbus Day meal. So sorry to hear that you've been bothered by migraines. I've never had one, though my husband will have them on occasion. Reading your reply to Val - yes, life's a journey!