Wednesday, September 9, 2015

apple bounty

We have got a crop of apples redder and more abundant than two years ago! I must take a picture. I've picked several which have absolutely no marks, dimples or holes in them, and that's sayin' somethin', since we don't spray.  I've really got to take a picture! The ones I tried so far are slightly mealy - this is unfortunate, but they're not so bad that I can't try and make applesauce out of them; if I add some cider to the pot I am hoping something nice will come out of it.

Meanwhile, they make perfect weights when cutting out fabric.

 I'm finally trying to make a Dottie Angel frock - we'll see how it comes out.


  1. We've been picking apples around town. Some are just perfect as could be--the others we cut around the bad or wormy bits and make apple sauce with. We're pressing cider on the weekend. It is a very enjoyable time. Good luck on your frock! I was working on a little quilted wallet for a friend's birthday this morning.

  2. apple picture please! and lovely use of them! hope the sewing works out perfectly!

  3. My SIL told me that she has had the best apple year ever and that it is supposed to mean lots of snow this winter. Uh oh. But doesn't everything always seem to point to lots of snow?!

  4. Good fortune for you this season - and - without spraying! It can be done!