Tuesday, September 3, 2013

our own apples

Such excitement! Many years ago my brother planted an apple tree on the narrow strip of land across the brook. I'm not sure why he chose that spot; it didn't get much sun and produced very few, gnarly things not fit to eat.

Monday while mowing the lawn he noticed a tree laden with apples! It was rainy that day, so he asked me to pick them after work this afternoon. I filled a basket, tbut then mosquitoes drove me indoors.

I guess the tree is tall enough to get sufficient sun now, and since the storms of two years ago there's less out there than there used to be. I can finish picking on Thursday. They are far from smooth-skinned and perfect, but I suppose most are all right. Some applesauce or apple butter is what I'm thinkin'.

Too, too exciting!


  1. Yes, exciting! We enjoy fresh applesauce too.

  2. Wooow , how lucky are you...they are not geneticly modified, not psrayed with pesticides or herbicides or wax and no artificial fertilizer, so what you have is Organic produce...worth a small fortune and taste better than anything you would buy at the supermarket.
    Enjoy all the natural vitamins and minerals, fresh juice would be amazing, you could also grate some on your muesli.....YUUUUM!

    1. Grate some! Thanks for that idea, Margaret.