Monday, June 22, 2015

fancy pickles

I try to go to to the bottom of my pinterest recipe boards regularly, so the older stuff doesn't get forgotten. I had pinned a beautiful photo of a jar of pickles way back; now it's summer, and I decided I had to make them.

Here is the blog and the recipe (and the beautiful photos!)  I had to buy the mustard seeds, the cinnamon sticks and the red onion.  This is mine:

They are so delicious, I can't begin to tell you. They got mixed up in the morning and we had them with dinner, which was less than the four hour minimum she advised; but, who cares?  I'll make these again.

That pin was the first time I'd seen that young woman's blog; her name is Hannah Queen and she's only in her twenties. She lives in Georgia and started getting into cooking and baking, using very local and available fresh ingredients; then started a blog. Her photography is gorgeous and I guess someone was paying attention, because she came out with a cookbook two months ago.  All seasonal dessert recipes.

But her triumph is a bittersweet one, because there's another part to this story - her mother died last fall.  I was reminded of all this as I poked around her blog to look at the pickle recipe. So, even though I've been more intent on getting rid of books than acquiring them, I decided to buy Hannah's.

This one, I will keep.


  1. Your pickles look soooo good, a little art work in a jar, good to hear they taste great, fermented food is very good for your health.
    I will try this recipe today as I am almost out of my home made sauerkraut.
    Being vegetarian means I only use a few things from any recipe book, so I am handwriting the favourite ones into a notebook and giving the recipe books to the charity shop....more decluttering. ....good to have organized drawers in the kitchen, and no more stack of books that hardly get used.

    1. That is an excellent idea, Margaret. That's what I'm aiming for; but in this instance, I wanted to help her out, if you know what I mean.

  2. Re: Hannah: O' to be so focused and on-track at such a young age. I can't imagine. Your top photo is beautiful--what colors, Lisa!

  3. It is a good idea to encourage and support the young enterprising ones