Saturday, January 10, 2015

a gingerbread house for Dolly

Cyndi brought over a cardboard "gingerbread house" for the cats. It's cute - the floor in it is that thick cardboard stuff they like to scratch. See the snowflake hanging over her in the doorway?

It's got window cutouts, a door, a chimney!  And it does have that fancy edging they call gingerbread.
If I dangle a toy mouse through the chimney I can get Dolly to go partway in. Henry no (of course), but I don't think he could fit inside, anyway. Too large.

Another toy to get used to.


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful gift.

  2. I bet Ginger would like that. She is a big fan of cardboard and small spaces! There are so many things made for cats that I never knew existed in this world! Like this!

    1. I think she said she got it at the drugstore!

  3. Too cute!! Frodo Baggins and Mr. Darcy would love it!

  4. How cute! Dolly's own personal house!