Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas village

Someone gave the library a ceramic Christmas village, and I had to photograph it. There's a barn

and some houses:  a farmhouse

a mansion, with tree house out back

even a house for sale

and a lodge, which is my favorite.

I want to go inside

There is a church, of course

with carolers outside

next to a gazebo

There are other things, like a dairy barn with cows

gas station

burger place

I guess they sell furniture here, or maybe just the wood.

There is a Salvation Army band

a place selling Christmas trees

and train station.

And two more things no country town could possibly be without: a man walking his dog,

and a conveniently placed fire hydrant.


  1. how cute what a fun display

  2. I love village scenes. Have to put my snow down, than maybe some photos. :-)

  3. Ours has "snow" under it now - it looks nice.

  4. oh that's lovely! and so many things!!!