Friday, February 7, 2014

thrilled to pieces

I have a bookcase in my bedroom which was full of books, on every shelf. But I just couldn't stand that any more.

I guess I'd seen enough glossy photos of bookcases with empty spaces in them - was it possible that I could pare down my collection in order to make spaces?  I've also been so inspired by Carmella's blog - she, her husband and three boys, living in a 665 square foot space. The idea of keeping only what you need, and is of practical use to you. 

So, the top shelf; I took out all of it, dusted it and put back what was useful, a week ago. Some stacked and others standing, all in the name of interest. Oh, how neat and appealing it was! A few days later, the second shelf. The same result.  And the other day, the snow day, I tackled the other two shelves. Oh, the spaces I now have! The library is receiving my unneeded books.

I even have shelf space to put knitting!!  Wonder of wonders.


  1. Parting with books is hard to do. :-) I got rid of a whole book shelf two years ago. Ones I didn't think I needed went to the church library and some went to the used book store. Now and then, I'll look for one of those "missing" books!
    Your shelf looks nice. :-)

    1. Anne, it wasn't hard - I was just ready!

  2. That's a good use of a snow day! Accomplishments like that feel SO good.

  3. What a terrific idea to make space for something else than books.. hard choice indeed ;) m.

  4. I have to weed out books every so often to make new space. But, it's amazing how it always fills up again.

    Your new space sure looks pretty. ♥