Friday, February 28, 2014

a silly tale

A few months ago at work, I met a young Indian woman amidst the cookbooks. She asked if I knew of any baking clubs around. Baking clubs? There are several book clubs. But she loves baking, and was looking for a club. Well, we ended up chatting at least twenty minutes - but nobody came looking for me, so I guess it was all right. Since then I've run into her at the library every few weeks, and she tells me what she's made lately, saying she'll bring me a sample.

Well. I was at the supermarket with a full cart, and parked it near the ladies' room. Christina was right there looking at vitamins, but I didn't say hi because I really had to go. I came out - my cart was gone. A cart was there, but not mine. I thought, "Now I have to go all over the store, looking for my shopping cart!"  But I had this feeling that if I could find Christina, that might be the answer. I took a few steps and then we spotted each other. "Christina!"  "Lisa!" we exclaimed.  I said, "You have my cart."  She looked, and we both ended up laughing and hugging each other like two sillies. She told me she'd been thinking about me lately, and had actually gone to the library earlier that day to bring me some goodies, but I don't work Saturday. And here I was anyway, at the market, later on!  Funny. Of course, she didn't have the goods with her.

But she did show me a photo later in the parking lot; like a mother with pictures of her kids, she had a photo of a chocolate cake she made for some friends. She really does love baking.


  1. It's a lovely silly tale. :-) I wonder, did she find a baking club?

    1. If there's a baking club in our town, I haven't heard of it. :) I don't think so. But baking aficionados don't need a reason. :D

  2. How lovely, you give away mittens and you get baked goodies ! (eventually) Christina sounds like a nice friendly person.
    If you have a public notice board in the library, you could put up a small sign asking if anyone would like to start a Baking club and have Christine put her details on it or people could leave a contact number at the desk for her , or you could have the start up meeting at the libray, it would be good community use of the building, our library here is always looking for more community use
    .They have story time for kids on Wednesday night, English language help for refugees and foriegn university students, basic use computer classes, visiting author talks, etc,
    They are moving to a new building next month , so have asked all members to take out 30 items till 11th April and return them in the new building, what a clever idea.
    30 books, CD's or DVD's or talking books wow, watch out knitting section and who wouldn't like stories read to them ?

  3. I love reading about how new friendships form. Wonderful story!

  4. She sounds like a lovely person to be friends with! I wonder if it would be wise to tell her when your birthday is! (heehee!) The chocolate cake sounds yummy!