Thursday, November 7, 2013

the social eater

That's what my brother calls her.

The cats had eaten their lunch - Dolly didn't seem to want any more. After a while, I sat down to have mine and there she was. The Social Eater. She wants to eat when we're eating, to be sociable.

So, I got her dish, and we ate together.


  1. my Cleo is the same way! (though often when we leave she will go eat too; sometimes I have to pop back in b/c I forgot something and there she will be by her food bowl :)

    1. It's very sweet, actually, isn't it?

  2. Oh my Dolly - you can come eat with me anytime!

  3. My old cat Mr. Higgins was like that. : )

    Very sweet!

  4. We used to feed Stuffed in the bathroom, but we realized just in the past six months or so that he seems happier eating out here with us, so now his food bowl is on the floor beside our table. Such sweet souls, these cats.