Monday, November 18, 2013

the Saladmaster

Today I had to grate two bars of cheddar cheese for dinner. Yes, I have an electric food processor, but I've been wanting to use this old Saladmaster. It worked like a charm.

I remember when my mother bought it. It was back in the seventies; we were on a Main Street a couple of towns over. She'd always been interested in health food and things like that, even then when it was definitely considered kooky. There appeared a small store that sold vitamins, etc., and we went in. They were demonstrating the Saladmaster.

My childhood memories are pretty dim, but I remember this for some reason. The man grated some carrot very fine (like the cheese, above) and made a dressing with cider vinegar and honey. We liked it. I have no idea what this cost her, but she bought it.

Unfortunately, it takes up a lot of space and storing it was awkward - she rarely used it. 

I came across it recently in my kitchen cleaning/purging and have so been wanting to use it.  It has a three-legged base with suction cups to keep it stable. A top section which neatly fits down over the base, six of these cup-looking things with various styles of sharp openings. And a thin curved piece which you hold over your food item against the "cup", which you've slid into place. You turn a handle clockwise and your food gets grated, pickle-sliced, or whatever! All stainless steel.

Right now I've got it in a perfect sized box in a corner of the living room, and I'm really hoping that when the cabinets are purged there will be a space for this treasure.


  1. Nice! to have the cheese grated so fine!!! loved reading about this memory too!

  2. I have a Saladmaster too. It's is amazing, and I even grate my Fels Naptha soap that I use for making laundry detergent. It's a pretty expensive kitchen gadget but well worth the money.