Friday, June 21, 2013

seeds finally in

I've had a raised bed ready for seeds but so much rain has held me up. Now we're in for a hot spell, so today after work, with all my supplies in a basket, I grabbed Dolly and headed outside.


For some reason I thought I had more space than I did, so not everything went in.  I know it's late, but I'm looking forward, not back. We'll see what arises.

Then I came in and made a nice vegetable omelet, and felt like a real farmgirl.


  1. I planned all year for a big garden this Spring - but due to weather, and an over reaching schedule I didn't get much planted then we had a week of late freezes that took what had come up. So, I am now planning a Fall garden and thankfully in Texas I can get away with that!
    I look forward to seeing what comes of yours!

  2. We, too, are late with getting our vegetable garden planted due to our over-abundance of rain. My husband has just about finished planting all the space. We are anxious to see what comes up and how it produces. I will want to hear all about yours!

  3. I'm late myself; I have not planted anything yet. I tried to sprout watercress earlier this year, but then I stayed at school and nobody watered it while I was gone... I'm sure I'll still find something that can be planted in June, though! And there are things I can just gather; elderblooms for syrup/cordial now (going tomorrow before the service - at least that's the plan), and rosehips for tea in autumn.

    1. Rosehip tea - somebody gave me some and I haven't tried it yet. Is it tart?

    2. Yep. But only very slightly (the hibiscus addition in storebought teas is worse); great with honey!

      I overslept yesterday, then it was rather hot, and today it's cold and raining (argh!). I SO want to make elderberry syrup, I may just grab an umbrella and go brave the pouring rain...

  4. Sounds like a productive afternoon, hope all your seeds come through soon, it is strange to hear you planting seeds and I am taking in some of the more delicate tropical pot plants every night to keep them out of the morning frost.
    The days here are beautiful and sunny and mostly warm, but the nights and early mornings are cold.
    Hope to see the finished quilt soon :)