Saturday, May 18, 2013

"peaceful resting places"

"[When] the spirit from on high is poured out on us. Then will the desert become an orchard and the orchard regarded as a forest. Right will dwell in the desert and justice abide in the orchard. Justice will bring about peace; right will produce calm and security.

 My people will live in peaceful country, in secure dwellings and peaceful resting places."

                                                     -  Isaiah 32: 15-18   (reading from the vigil of Pentecost)


  1. So sweet - our Elizabeth has transitioned into being an inside kitty, and we love to see her curled up in the sunlight. We are so glad she found and adopted us!

    1. I'm very happy for Elizabeth and all the rest of you that she's able to be in your home! I'm glad she persevered with you - she knew a good thing, just like Dolly decided she wanted to live with us.

  2. That picture and that scripture--divine!