Saturday, December 1, 2012

3 gifts white

This month I would like to try and join Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare - finding three things every day to thank God for.  I think she's doing it mainly on Facebook, but I don't belong to that. 

Anyway, today it's three gifts white - well, that's an easy one!

my "new" white cabinet

a beautiful soup tureen of my late mother's -
she was only able to afford it because of a couple of flaws, which certainly made it a "gift" for her

our dear Dolly

The idea is that all is gift, and to try and look at everything in that way is one of the best things we can do. 


  1. There is an abundance of gifts in all of our lives, we just have to change our attitudes. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to be grateful.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. And I like the corner cupboard in both blue and white. It's lovely. ♥

  3. So, so pretty. I love how you made that all look. And is that tureen the Pfaltzgraf Heritage pattern? I have them.

  4. Thanks ladies! Mousie, you are right - it does resemble Pfalzgraf, but it isn't. The dish part is crooked, like warped a little - and there's another flaw or two in the bowl itself; somebody made it, you know, like a piece of pottery or something.

  5. Yes, I like this. Seeing everything as a gift. Thanks for sharing. And happy birthday.