Friday, November 30, 2012

feast of St. Andrew the apostle

The Word went fishing by the sea
where trolled the nets of Galilee;
borne on the wind, his call fell fair
on hearts of folk who labored there.
They left their nets and boats behind
for fishing of another kind.

The Word had left high heaven's home
to gather fam'ly of his own,
as mother, brother, sister claimed
all those who loved his Father's Name:
they set aside the ties that bind
for family of another kind.

The Word abandoned life and breath
to wrest the world from living death.
With nets and homes and dreams at stake,
the fishers followed for love's sake.
They left their very lives behind
for living of another kind.

O Word, along our troubled shore
where hungry shoals fall prey before
nets thrown by other hands than yours,
cast nets of love whose power endures:
draw us to leave all else behind
for you, the Life of all our kind!

(The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew, by Duccio)

hymn from Magnificat, November 2012