Monday, June 4, 2012

a museum by a river

Yesterday we took a little road trip with friends to an art museum which happens to be alongside a picturesque river. A big old home where a single lady decided to open up an inn.

old New England houses look nice in yellow, I think

It ended up being discovered by a group of artists, which gave her a steady stream of customers and also a "family" of sorts. My favorite part of the house was the long dining table on the porch - ah!  Some visitors were seated there, so I didn't take a picture.

Aside from the impressionist paintings inside, the entire place was very appealing. All sorts of varieties in a flower garden - they had poppies about a foot in diameter!

And we managed to get some pictures along the river before it rained. There were a few geese hanging around, quite unconcerned about the people nearby.

a photo of my friend taking a photo

Really a beautiful and relaxing day.


  1. Lovely pictures Lisa. The yellow is very nice on the old building and that!

  2. I love long dining tables on a porch. Often times in the summer we open up the drop down leaf table on the porch and eat outside. We drag a fan outside, and the stereo for the iPod, throw a pretty tablecloth and some flowers on it and invite friends over. Very simple. Very fun.

  3. I have admired it every time you have posted a picture of it.