Friday, June 29, 2012

jam and roses

Sunday we visited a park which is devoted to roses - pretty would be a gross understatement.

If you can imagine a place where everywhere you look, there are roses - that was it! It was hot though, and a lemon ice was very welcome after a half hour or so.

I was happy to pick enough of our wild black raspberries to make some more freezer jam from Organic Gardening. The recipe was for blackberries, but this is what we had so I tried it, with some lavender graciously donated by Linda who bought it on a trip to England. I guess she bought more than she needed. 

I just tasted some. I had forgotten that these very small berries have a seeming overabundance of seeds and aren't terribly juicy, so if you can imagine good-tasting but tough jam, well - that's it. Still, I'm pleased at the idea of freezer jam and am willing to learn by experience. 

I let a friend borrow my camera for his son's wedding and asked him to take my picture for practice. I thought I might as well ham it up while still looking like a librarian with my ever-present reading glasses.

funny, I suppose

Some librarians do have a sense of humor. 

round button chicken Joining in with Leila and Rosie again this week.


  1. We have a beautiful rose garden like that one in Minneapolis near Lake Calhoun. It has gorgeous fountains and we love to go there for picnics.:) Your jam looks great! Good for you & how sweet of your friend to share her lavender with you. Finally....a picture of you. I would love to have you as one of our librarians. We have some great ones here that have made my job homeschooling soooo much easier! Love that first appropriate for the days ahead.;)

  2. The flag flowers are fun! Such pretty roses that is for sure!

    I always think Jam looks so pretty canned as well.

    And, what a ham you are! A Beautiful picture of you! Such Cute glasses too.

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    Lisa, I just saw this - *and* your photo - seemed too 'coincidental' not to put this here! LOL

    Ps - Yes, I know you won't add it! :-)

  4. Won't add what?

    I must beg you, though - please, no librarian underwear for Christmas! :O

  5. Oh how did you guess? It's not exactly 'librarian'
    but very Jane Austen! LOL

  6. Hi Lisa;

    I loved seeing the picture of you! Beautiful girl and a bit of a ham too! Nice combination for sure.

    I recognize this I got married in it...full of front of the gazebo. They've added tons of roses since ...well that was 26 years ago so things do change. wink wink.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted