Thursday, August 9, 2018

such easy iced tea

I used to make iced tea like this - which is the usual way, I think, unless you use a mix. Boil the water, steep the tea, and chill. But last year Carmella said she just puts cold water in a pitcher with tea bags and refrigerates it, removing the bags the next day. What an idea!

So that's what I do now, except I put it in a half-gallon mason jar and it goes fast.


  1. Do you ever make sun tea, Lisa? 'Just add the tea bags to cold water and leave the jar/pitcher in the sun until it darkens however much you want it to, and then chill it--or just pour it warm over ice. 'No boiling needed. My mom always had a big jar of it steeping--if that's the word--out on the patio when I was a kid. Since I'm an apartment-dweller without an outdoor space, I just set the jar into any sunny spot inside. (If I had a wide enough windowsill, that would be ideal, but it works wherever.) :)

    Lipton makes cold-brew tea bags that work really well too. I usually have a box of them in the hutch.

    Anyway, glad you found a way that works for you. It's such a treat to learn a new way.

    (Iced tea is my favorite drink.) :)

    1. Val, I have never tried sun tea, and I probably never will now, because it would still need to be chilled, and this version is so. much. easier. :) Sun tea probably has a stronger flavor, but I am not looking for flavor as much as coldness and a little flavor of any kind, just a bit different from water.